Welcome, minion.

This is my laboratory, where I toil in search of the perfect sock pattern. This quest has led me to try many methods. Each experiment contributes to my genius, and brings me one sock closer to my inevitable domination of the sock-knitting world.


Begone, puny mortals.

The perfect sock is knit toe-up. Your cuff-down heresies are not welcome here. And do not threaten me with your double-pointed sticks, or my henchmen will garrote you with their Knit Picks Fixed Circulars and Addi Turbos.

Embrace your doom.

Explore my lab, and follow my quest for sock-based evil. Should you need encouragement, or wish at your peril to criticize your master, send email to yarmando at gmail dot com.

Evil Sock Genius Goes Commercial.

A few of my designs are for sale.

Animal Crackers - $6.00

Inspired by a set of French doors in the Marx Brother's movie Animal Crackers (Paramount Pictures, 1930), these socks feature sets of long parallel lines intersecting each other in elegant angles.

Follow the Fleet - $4.00

In the movie Follow the Fleet (RKO, 1936), Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance in front of a decorative bandstand frame, the inspiration for this design: elongated, slipped stitches over a stockinette background.